• Polaris Rangers
  • All two-seater vehicles
  • 500cc fuel injected 4-stroke, 4×4
  • Automatic Transmission, Safety roll bar cage, 3 point safety harness
  • Weight capacity is 500 lbs. per vehicle



  • 600 acres
  • Tour goes up to 1800ft. above sea level
  • Terrain of tour is rugged, with tight turns, rocky roads, mud puddles and a stream
  • Trail is not paved, natural dirt roads



  • Definitely an off-road adventure
  • Clients will get very dirty and possibly soaking wet (how wet they get is controlled by the driver and how they choose to drive through mud and stream).
  • Slight chance of rain, we do not provide raincoats or ponchos
  • Clients MUST understand that this is an off-road adventure and they WILL get dirty and wet!
  • We do not provide showers to get completely cleaned up. We have sinks and paper towels to wash hands, arms, and face.
  • Rental clothing of camo pants and shirts available for $5.00 wash fee. We do not provide shoes.
  • We recommend bringing towel for rental car.



  • Check in at the Kahoma Ranch Tours store at the Lahaina Gateway Shopping Center (Unit 106-B). The address is 305 Keawe St. Lahaina HI, 96761.
  • Kahoma Valley is a 5-10 min. drive from the store. We are located two valleys to the left of Mt. Ball (The mountain with the letter L on it).
  • Guide picks up guests in a shuttle and shuttle them up to the barn in the mountain.



  • 2 ½ hour tour which includes transportation to and from check-in location. From the store to the barn, approx. 5 – 10 min. drive.
  • Following an orientation, all drivers must successfully drive a proficiency course. Both driver and passenger will have opportunities to switch off driving throughout the tour as there are 3 to 4 stops along the way for picture taking and resting.
  • Drive up to “The Garden” where a lookout has been built into Kahoma Valley, the views are breathtaking. We’ve planted native plants and posted informative signs throughout the garden. Stop for approx. 15 – 20 min. guides walk around the garden introducing the native plants and culture. Photo opportunities here also.
  • Guests enjoy refreshments at the garden which consist of granola/energy bars, fruits, and beverages.


What To Bring:

  • For a complete list of requirements, please visit our ATV page.


Reservation information needed:

  • Number of people in party
  • Name, hotel, room number, cell phone # if available
  • Voucher number if through agent
  • Credit card and expiration if direct booking


Cancellation Policy:

  • “No Shows” and cancellations within 24 hours of tour time is subject to a full charge.


Question: The tour used to include a stop at the water slides at a fresh water pond. Is this still available?

  • Answer: No, unfortunately, the water slides are no longer part of the tour.


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